Your Leads Suck… This Is Why.

By December 16, 2019Digital Marketing

Every year I spend a shit-ton of money on advertising to generate leads for clients. Most of the time, the results are great. I do have more winning campaigns than losers (that’s probably why I keep getting work), but every once in a while I will come across a client, who no matter how many leads I would bring in, how much I cut their cost per lead, they can’t close a damn one of them.

When I first started working in the advertising business, I’d start thinking this was some fault of mine and my campaign were low performers. And sure, sometimes, like everyone I’d have a flat running campaign that missed the mark, And like usual, I’ll get an email that says something like, the leads just aren’t that good, or no one picks up their phone, or they already started working with someone else, or {insert other excuse}… the list can be endless.

However, when I ask these same clients about their follow up to the leads, most of them go silent.

It’s thrown around the internet by marketers that about 55% of businesses take over 5 days to respond to a lead (if ever).

This is a HUGE problem.

This would always be part of the reason I use to run into this issue with past clients. It’s less common these days because we focus on their lead management as well where I use to be more just focused on bringing in the leads.

Weak offer

Poor lead management


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