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When it comes to hiring a marketer, the main thing you want to know is why me, right?

How am I different from the other 20 “marketers” sending you pitches and taking you through the horse and pony show.

And the answer is because I’m a closer.

You see, 95% of people sitting in a marketing department right now have never closed a deal in their entire life. They’ve never made 200 cold calls a day to dead leads looking to close a deal. They don’t understand the fundamentals of persuasion, building report and getting a deal inked.

They’re creatives with MacBooks, photoshop and a marketing degree who know how to make sure your credit card runs on facebook or google. These are people who can make creative assets that win awards for being pretty, but not close deals.

And the hard facts of life are a business ower would rather have more sales than a pretty video.