Maximize Your Conversion Rate With This Landing Page Checklist

By June 7, 2019June 10th, 2019Digital Marketing
  1. Make sure the headline matches your source copy.
  2. Write a sub-header that concisely describes the benefit of the offer.
  3. Write body copy that’s scannable, scrollable, and compelling.
  4. Optimize the page title, URL, and meta description for search.
  5. Include an image that shows users what they’ll get after filling out the landing page form.
  6. Optimize your image’s alt-text.
  7. Ensure your lead-capture form is the proper length.
  8. Customize your submit button.
  9. Allow your form to offer progressive profiling for return visitors.
  10. Make sure your landing page content passes the blink test.
  11. Remove the top navigation menu bar.
  12. Make your page layout responsive to mobile devices.
  13. Make sure your smart content contains logical personalization tokens.
  14. Set up a thank-you page and/or kickback emails.

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