Let’s talk about how brutal fitness marketing is

By December 28, 2019January 17th, 2020Digital Marketing

Are you a gym, personal trainer, or fitness center looking for sales and marketing strategies to increase membership sales? If so, this article is for you.

I just wrapped up a lead generation projects for a high-end fitness boutique (similar to Orange Theory) where I helped cut their cost per lead by 80% and increased their leads by 400%. And in this article, I’m going to share with you some takeaways of what I learned about putting together a marketing campaign that works, so let’s begin…

Gym and fitness marketing in ultra-competitive right now.

While in general, the fitness industry is exploding right now, with more people adopting healthy lifestyles prioritizing their physical appearance and spending money on fitness. It’s pretty clear the matching explosion in gyms and fitness offers has saturated many markets making sales and marketing incredibly competitive.

Some unintended consequences of this that gym owners need to deal with are:

lower lifetime customer values

Higher cost per lead and sale

Convenience is key.

Brand experience is everything.


The money is in the follow-up.

Automation won’t save you.

While it’s great to have automation set up to help with your lead nurturing efforts, you absolutely cannot rely on it to make leads show up or close your members. The competition in this space is so fierce right now it has made it a battlefield for gym owners and the most effective way to win business in an environment like this is with a personal touch and relationship building.

This means follow up phone calls and in-person closing. When many people read this they’ll think, I don’t want to feel all salesy and what not,

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