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I’m a conversion rate optimization who specializes in paid advertising. I design, test and optimize data-driven marketing strategies to produce a consistent & profitable ROI on your ad dollars. Click the button below to see how I do it.


I’m a growth marketing consultant with a focus on conversion rate optimization. I design, test and optimize data-driven marketing strategies to produce a consistent & profitable ROI on your ad dollars. Click the button below to see how I do it.



I’m a direct marketer, UX designer, and data analyst who can build your business or brand highly persuasive marketing campaigns that will produce quality leads, more sales, and actionable insights you can use to grow your business.

Data-Driven Design

Every click, tap, and swipe is producing data you can use to build the most persuasive digital experience possible, learn how I make that happen.

Traffic Generation

Whether it’s a paid, search, social or content marketing campaign, learn why my strategies consistently prove to be more effective than other marketers.


The truth is, it doesn’t matter how many people visit your website if they aren’t turning into leads or sales, discover how I can help maximize your performance.



Average annual ad spend managed
Average 90 Day Conversion Rate
Average Monthly ROAS in 180 Days
Decrease in cost per lead
More campaign engagement
Increase in revenue
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The first thing I do is evaluate your industry, your competitors, your current marketing assets, and how you're positioned within the market.


Then using the information I gather and your marketing goals, I'll develop a data-driven marketing strategy we will implement.


Once the campaign is built. we'll go live and monitor how the market responds and engages with our position allowing to gain valuable feedback from our data.


Once the campaign is live, we'll actively run and monitor A/B split tests to boost conversion, lower cost per acquisition and maximize ROI on your ad dollars.


Finally, we'll harvest all available data from our active campaigns giving us actionable insights into what works, and who our best customers are allowing us to create more effective campaigns.


I work in 12-week loops on a 2/4/6 week timeline. This timeline includes 2 weeks of research, 4 weeks of building, and 6 weeks of execution and optimization. This allows me to gain the best understanding of your business and the effectiveness of our marketing campaigns. To learn more about my services, click here.


Below you can viewa few case studies showing the results from the campaigns I built to help these companies achieve profitable growth using my strategies.

Objective: An ecommerce client was seeing a below average conversion rate on a brand new website. So they hired me to see if I had any ideas on how to increse the coversion rate.

Outcome: By using heat maps and analytics we were understand how our users were using the site so by redesigning the product pages and removing 8 clicks to checkout we were able to take the conversion rate fron about 2% to 6% within a couple months of testing.

Objective: This was an ecommerce client with a smaller budget who was looking to run a black friday special, so the came to me for guidance to get the most impact they could.

Outcome: After revieing their website and customer list, I decided facebook would be the best option for them. So I created some look-a-like audiences and remarketing campaigns and launched them on black friday with a special offer. The result yeilded a 800% ROI on the ad spend.

Objective: This was a home service who was paying a pretty high cost per click averaging about $15-$20/click and their conversion rate on their landing pages were less than 10%. So they hired me to do some conversion rate optimization on thier accounts and landing pages.

Outcome: The first thing I did was simplify their keywords, drill down their targeting. Then I created specifice landing pages based on each keyword group. The result took their conversion rate from below 10% up to 24% cuttong their cost per lead by about 30%.

Objective: This is a heavily seasonal home service company I actively work with who have a fairly high cost per click coming in at about $14 per click. They came to me looking for a long term outsourced solution for their marketing needs instead of hiring an inhouse employee.

Outcome: By looking at the 3 year results of my account with them, you can see a year-over-year increase in their conversion rate that consistently stays well above average and is only increaseing with each year as well as a slight consistent decline on their cost per lead.

Objective: This was an ecommerce client who was looking to test new paid advertising channels, so after reviewing his analytics, I suggested we test a Google Shopping campaign for a few weeks

Outcome: After we launched the Google Shopping campaigns, we mad a few adjustments to the targeting and were quickly able to achieve a more than 300% ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) which has maintaed fairly consistently moving forward.

Objective: This was a high-end fitness botique who was having a hard time getting a good flow of affordable leads  from their paid media so I was connected with them to see if I had any opinions on their campaign performance.

Outcome: The first thing I did was redesign their landing pages and creative to give them a seamless experience. Then I segmented out their audiences in the hyper-specific groups. The result came with a +400% increase in leads and a 85% decrease in cost per lead.

Objective: This was a home remodeling company who was paying about $75 to $100 per lead to Thumbtack. They hired me to see if I could create a campaign that could compete with those costs so they could bring their lead generation inhouse.

Outcome: After 3 months of testing I hit a month over month increase in conversion rate and left them with a campafgin that was consistently converting leads at about $38-$50. The best part about this case is the business not only gets better, cheaper leads. But they collect more data on their user to improve the campaigns.

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If you’re a growth-focused company ready to transform your digital marketing performance, fill in the form below and book a quick 20-minute call with me. Then I can tell you about all the amazing things that can happen if we work together.



If I don’t outperform your current digital marketing campaigns in 180 days, I’ll work for free until I do.